How to frame your screenshot with a mobile easily.

Today we see that the people display there apps screenshot for its ad or in the Play stores also in the picture there are screenshots and to make it more attractive and beautiful they are framed with a mobile frames.

There is the app Screener and there may be more apps there but the main reason I recommend it is that if you have any problem with the app or you find any bugs or the app isn’t work then just shake your phone in the app and it will take to your mailing ID and you can just tell the problem and they will solve your problem within 24hrs. By just releasing an update or if there is any issue with your settings.

Also it has many popular phone and one can be yours too and that’s great also you will realise actually that you can do many things with app. So just download the app and start making amazing screenshots.

It is very good for the app developers as they need to upload there screenshot and to enhance the look you can use this app. And the bloggers like me too need such apps.

If I tell you the truth then at first the app wasn’t working and I told them the problem and again it wasn’t working and it was an new problem and then they again launched a update and it finally worked. So this is the developer who always take their users feedback seriously and respond to it.

Hope you found this post helpful.

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