OnePlus 5 Launch details.

OnePlus 5 will launch Internationally on 20th June but in India on 22nd June in Mumbai and big celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan will join the event.

This is the leak of the OnePlus 5 and its somewhat like Apple iPhone 7 Plus and we can’t say that it is the final design.

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Tech News #1

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Tech News #1

1) Sharp has launched its Bezel-Less smartphone in China. But we don’t know much about it.

2) Samsung has launched its 2 new Exenos chips :-

  • 9610 – Cortex A73
  • 7872 – Cortex A53 (Only in China)

3) Oppo is going to launch its new R11 and R11+ with 20MP Rear and Front Camera, Snapdragon 660, 4GB RAM, 64GB Internal Storage, 5.5″ FHD Screen, 2900mAh battery, Android 7.0 at somewhat of $485 and R11+ have a dual camera, that is the major difference.

4) Lenovo has launched its new ThinkPad series laptops :-

  • X1 Carbon
  • X1 Yoga
  • X270

We don’t know the features but it will give upto 20 hrs. Of battery backup and is of approx. ₹40,000 and have fingerprint scanner.

5) Apple has started the production of Apple SE in India.

6) Honor 9 is going to launch in India on 12 June.

7) Honor 6x price drop in India:-

  • 13000 – 12000 (1000 drop)
  • 16000 – 14000 (2000 drop)

8) In the world only 9.5% of Android phones are running on Noughat and the majority is of Android Lollipop and then Android Marshmallow.

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Google Pixel 2

After Pixel’s big success, Google is going to launch its new Google Pixel 2 and this is its leak.

The features we can see are :-

  • Dual Rear Camera.
  • Glossy and Metal finish on the back like Pixel but this time the area of glossy finish is less.
  • Curved Corners.
  • Very less bezels on the front.
  • Non-removable battery.
  • USB type C.
  • Android O
  • 3.5 mm Jack is still there.
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • The front side is somewhat like LG G6.

And we need to wait for Google’s announcement regarding it.
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Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7

Samsung has launched its two new phones Samsung Galaxy J7 and J5 in Europian market and soon will be launched in India too.

The Tech Specs of Samsung galaxy J7 are.

  •  5.5″ FHD Screen
  • 1.6 GHz Octa – Core processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • 13MP Rear and 13MP Front Camera
  • Supports LTE and KAT6
  • Android 7.0 Noughat
  • 3600MAh battery
  • £339

The Tech Specs of Samsung galaxy J5 are.

  •  5.2″ FHD Screen
  • 1.6 GHz Octa – Core processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB Internal Storage
  • 13MP Rear and 13MP Front Camera
  • Supports LTE and KAT6
  • Android 7.0 Noughat
  • 3200MAh battery
  • £279

Almost all the specs of J7 and J5 are same only the screen size, RAM and Battery has been decreased.

I think that Samsung should not decrease the RAM of the J5 as now 2GB of RAM is not sufficient for gaming etc.

But I think that Samsung should not decrease the RAM in J5 as 2GB is not sufficient for Gaming etc.

If we talk abou price, I think J7 would be kept at somewhere beween ₹25 – 30000 or it can be less and J5 between ₹20 – 25000.

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Redmi 4 : The Game Changer

Again a game changer has arrived with packing new features with low price.

Redmi has always been a top selling phone in its segment. So we don’t need to be too surprised.

Before it the Redmi 4A was also launched which was more cheaper rates but didn’t have any fingerprint scanner.

The Redmi 4 comes with the following variants :-

1) 2GB + 16GB – ₹6,999

2) 3GB + 32GB – ₹8,999

3) 4GB + 64GB – ₹10,999

It comes with Snapdragon 435 1.4 Ghz processer. You can expand the storage upto 128GB. It consists of Adreno 505 GPU

The rear camera is of 13MP and the front is of 5MP shooter. 

On the rear surface the fingerprint sensor is given which works quiet nice and the speaker and the microphone are on the bottom of the phone which is a good thing ans you can hear the sound easily without keeping its front side down.

If we move on to software then it comes with Android 6.0 with MIUI 8 but you can get Android 7.0 from the Redmi website. 

The Redmi 4 support 4G LTE and have a 4100mAh battery which can easily last upto 1 day. 

The back is of Metal and feels nice in ones hand like a flagship smartphone.

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WWDC17 : All you need to know.

In the WWDC17 Apple has announced many hardware as well as software updates and launces.

The thing is that some of the announcements would be not too necessary for us but almost all are mentioned below.

Yaah! I need to use the word ‘almost’ because even I don’t know the exact no. of announcements as the session was too long but tried my best to pack them all in here.

Sorry! if you find it boring.

New Mac OS – Mac OS High Sierra

  • The safari will start blocking like auto playing videos etc.
  • Update to mail and photos software
  • Apple file system – 64bit file system (Fast file transferring)
  • Metal 2 graphics is 10x faster than Metal 1.
  • Will support VR on Mac
  • The 2x compression of file with new codecs


  • KB Link processor
  • New 7 gen processor KP Leg, fusion drives – iMac
  • MacBook – Some processor updates
  • Price down 13’ MacBook
  • iMac pro will come with Intel Core i9 (first iMac with 10GB Ethernet)
  • New iPad pro with 10.5’ screen and 12.5’ iPad have an update
  • New iPad pro will support HDR
  • Camera will be upgraded in iPad pro for better picture quality

Home Pod

  • 7’ Height
  • Siri Support
  • Special awareness
  • Will analyse the environment and will give sound according to it
  • Price – $349
  • Sound has been considered very important.

iOS 11

  • App drawer has been upgraded
  • SMSs will be synced across apple devices
  • Siri would translate to languages
  • Automatic suggestions by screen reading like android.
  • Control centre is newly designed 3d touch for more options and is completely customizable
  • Swiping right on lock screen will open camera.
  • Screen recording feature is added.
  • File explorer update with much more attractive interface
  • While typing messages you will get all the iMessages app and much more nice features.
  • When you off load any app the data remains there and next time you install the app, its data returns back automatically.
  • QR code scanner in camera app.
  • One-handed mode enabled in keyboard like Gboard or Android.
  • When you take a screenshot it remains on the bottom left on the screen and when you click it, you can mark-up anything on it
  • New effects for photos editing and to enhance.
  • Apple Pay- To share money within your friends and to banks
  • Indoor maps will be available in new update to maps app.
  • Do not disturb while driving will be available in new iOS11 and enables automatically as you move in a car and afcourse you can disable it if you are not sitting on the driver’s seat.
  • App store layout has been changed with some new categories like, App of the Day, Games etc.
  • AR Kit will enable AR feature by which you can virtually try to keep any object on the place where you point the camera.

Beta version would be available for iOS11 till month end

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